Lolcatz Pomes

Over at Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s blog Making light, in one of the open threads we started paraphrasing well-known verse and prose in lolcats style. I succumbed to the temptation and came up with these.

Apologies to A. E. Housman

O hai, iz stoopid stuf

Fud gone, k

Beer gone, k

But ur pome suxxorz

hertz kitteh tummeh

<pome> Cow be stabid

Cow head iz sleepin </pome>

O noes my turn nao

2 here ur t00nz killin ur cow

2 here ur rime killin ur dudes

Do not want!

U dangle cat toy on string nao kthx

A seventies TV theme duet (maybe you had to be there)

> I is teh hick!

I is teh roxxor!

> I can has memphis & nashvl

I can has motown flava

> is it gud? y/n?

/me luvs it

> I is teh hick!

I is teh roxxor!

The original was about felines so this should be obvious

Fat kitteh on mat dreemin

I can has cheezburger

AFK dreemin

*ROAR* 1337 beest in teh eest

in ur den feestin on ur men

Kitteh big bro wit iron clause

An big bludy teeths

Spotted kitteh on kwik feets

In ur loft jumpin on ur meat

In ur woods loomin in ur gloom

Big kitteh roxxorz littul kitteh sleepz

Fat kitteh on mat

Keeps u as staff

But kitteh knoes

And from a great SF novel

O hai, im Gully Foyle

Im from ur Erth

Livin in deep space

Goin to teh starz!!111eleventyone

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