Iran News Poll

  1. Do you know that the full official name of the country is The Islamic Republic of Iran?
  2. Did you know that they had a presidential election and a runoff this summer?
  3. Did you know that unelected religious figures decided which hopefuls would appear on the ballot and declared others ineligible?
  4. Do you know they have an elected parliament?
  5. Do you know that the same unelected clerics “vet” the candidates for parliament as well, and also veto any laws that they disapprove of?
  6. Do you know that the voting age in Iran is 15 years?
  7. Do you know that Iran’s population has grown rapidly and that a majority of the people are too young to remember when the American embassy staff was taken hostage in 1979?
  8. Do you know that there is a democracy movement among Iranian students who want to enlarge the freedoms they already have and do away with the extreme religious laws?
  9. Do you know that some of these young student activists still look to the United States and other Western nations as examples of democracy?
  10. Do you know that there are uranium mines in Iran?
  11. Do you know that uranium enrichment is a dual-use technology, that is, it has both civilian and military applications?
  12. Do you know that the European nations who are pressuring Iran to cancel its plans to enrich uranium, are hoping to sell them uranium enriched in Europe?
  13. Which of these are your main sources of news on television? NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox, other: ____

[Originally published in 2005.]


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