Dear Senator Winters

Dear Senator Winters,

I am writing to ask you to report the anti-bullying bill, HB 270, out of committee and recommend its passage without any amendments.

Although I do not live in your district now, I grew up there – Murray High School 1972, Murray State University, 1976. As a matter of fact, I believe you know my father, —-, who taught in —-.

When I was at Murray High, a student a year behind me was rumored to be homosexual. He was relentlessly harassed by many other students for the rest of his school years. Teachers and the administration did nothing about it. This kind of bullying was perhaps less common in those days, as one practically had to be caught in the act to be suspected of being gay or lesbian. Today it seems to be much easier for one student to suspect or accuse another. According to GLSEN, 33% of students report harassment due to being perceived as gay or lesbian, whether they actually are or not. This bill of course will also protect students from bullying due to any other cause.

Some amendments offered to the bill in the House would have opened up large exceptions related to religious beliefs. But the bill as passed by the House includes this provision: “This definition shall not be interpreted to prohibit civil exchange of opinions or debate or cultural practices protected under the state or federal Constitution where the opinion expressed does not otherwise materially or substantially disrupt the education process.” That should be enough to satisfy anyone who has religious beliefs about gender or sexual orientation or race. If anyone claims that this bill would violate their freedom of religion, they are saying that there is no difference between voicing disagreement and beating someone up.

Thank you for your attention.


Steven Allan Beatty

[Mailing address]









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