Choc Chip Baked Pats

How to make them, told in words of one beat by Al of the kin of Bate

Here is a treat that may hit the spot at this time of the year. But with all the sweet and fat, this is a some time treat. 

This is sized to make three score big pats. 

What you need: 

  • Four and one half cups, flour.
  • Two tea spoons, salt.
  • Two tea spoons, bake stuff. (I don’t know how best to say its name in words of one beat. Its true name has two words; word two has two beats and is the same as a word for pop or soft drinks.)
  • Two cups, white plant fat from a can. (Don’t use milk fat spread or fake milk fat spread—the pats would come out too flat.)
  • Four eggs. (When you have cracked the eggs and dropped them in the bowl, wash your hands ere you touch the next thing.)
  • One and a half cups, white sweet from the cane. (Use the kind that comes in grains, not the fine as dust kind.)
  • One and a half cups, brown sweet from the cane. (Pack it down in the cup as you mete it out.)
  • Two tea spoons, taste of white ice cream. (Don’t use the fake stuff. Yes, the real stuff is one third booze, but it goes up in fumes when you cook.)
  • One tea spoon, wet from the tap.
  • Two, twelve ounce bags of choc chips. (Use the milk choc kind, not the half sweet kind or worse yet the fake kind with but a tinge of choc.)

What to do: 

  1. In a mix bowl, stir in flour, salt, and bake stuff. 
  2. In a big mix bowl, stir hard to mix well the white plant fat, the eggs, the white and brown sweet from the cane, the taste of white ice cream, and the wet from the tap.
  3. Pour mix bowl one in mix bowl two; mix well.
  4. Stir in choc chips.
  5. Heat up the bake box of your stove to a mid high heat. If you’re not sure how hot I mean, look at the back of the choc chip bag.
  6. Grease your bake tins with a bit of the white plant fat.
  7. Plop the dough on the bake tins in balls an inch wide or so.
  8. Bake for nine parts of an hour. (The back of the choc chip bag may say to take more time, but that is wrong. You don’t want the pats to be brown when you take them out.)
  9. Don’t try to slide the pats off the bake tin as soon as you take them out of the bake box—they will fall to bits. Let them cool a few parts of an hour.
  10. Spread out some old news sheets. Put a waxed sheet on top. Put the pats on the waxed sheet to cool more.
  11. Chow down! Don’t hog them all—save some to share with kin and friends.

If you would like to share this tale where all can read, feel free; please just keep my name with it.

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